I Locked My Keys in My Car, What Can I Do?

How do I unlock my door without a key?

If you're locked on the other side, look for a tiny hole on the doorknob. Push an eyeglasses screwdriver, a paper clip hammered flat, or a very small butter knife into this hole. Push it straight through as far as you can, and turn or twist it until it catches a groove and the lock clicks open.

i locked my keys in my car who do i call?

Here's what you can do to stay calm and get help on the way.

  1. Dial 911. Safety comes first; so don't hesitate to call 911 if you think you're in danger. ...

  2. Call for roadside assistance. ...

  3. Call a tow truck. ...

  4. Get a temporary key. ...

  5. Keep an extra key handy. ...

  6. Buy a car with benefits. ...

  7. Keyless.

1. Stay Calm and Try to Think About Your Options

Locking your keys in the car can happen to anyone. There are lots of ways to do it. I once put my dog in the car to take her to the veterinarian and had to run back in the house. When I got back outside she had jumped and hit the master lock locking all doors in the vehicle. Regardless of how your vehicle got locked with the keys inside, you need to be calm and think fast on how to get it unlocked.

Are All the Doors Locked?

Panicking in a tough situation is common. I know it is obvious but checking all the doors is important. The last thing you want to do is call for help just to find out you had an unlocked door. Do yourself a favor and do a double check really quick.

Know Where the Spare Key Is Located

Do you know where the spare key is at? Maybe there is someone who could bring it to you. Often using the spare is not an option but it can save you both time and money if you can get it.

Is It an Emergency?

Emergencies should be handled a little differently for a standard lockout. For instance, if a baby is locked in the vehicle even on a semi-warm day it can certainly be important to get the vehicle unlocked as soon as possible. Waiting around for a tow truck or someone to deliver your spare key could be deadly. Hot cars pose huge threats against children and animals. Breaking a window may be your only option.

2.How to Break a Car Window

Breaking a car window is not as easy as it sounds. It is extremely difficult as a matter of fact especially if you have never considered it before. The windshield will be nearly impossible to break because it is laminated glass. Of course, that is what we want when driving down the road. Side window glass is tempered meaning it is strong but not nearly as strong as the windshield.

Tips for Breaking a Side Window on a Car