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You Need To Rekey Your Locks?


House Locks Rekeying:

Did you lose your keys and you’re anxious about your home’s security?
You can consider rekeying your door locks and keep the current locks installed in your door if you still want to use it. House locks, rekeying is also advisable if you just moved into a new house or apartment, You never know how many people still have their spare keys.
So if you are moving into a previously owned house, it’s important to take precautionary measure toward securing the locks in your home.
Contact URGENT LOCKSMITH technician to help you rekey your door locks .

Key Replacement Services:
Did you lose your keys or you broke it? We can help you replace your lost keys or broken keys.
Our locksmith technicians have the latest tools and knowledge to help you replace any house keys that you have.
They can create a completely new set of keys for you using your current house locks for an affordable price.

Residential Locksmith Services:
Did you lose your spare keys to your apartment or your house? You must have been worried about your family’s security.
No more worry, URGENT LOCKSMITH are here to help you change the lock on your front door.
Our team of professional locksmith technicians is here to assist you with any residential locksmith needs and attain the security you want for your home.


24/7 Residential Locksmith Services:
Seeing yourself locked out of your house or your apartment can be really frustrating, especially when it happens at night, worse, if it happens in rough weather, We understand what a house lockout entails, It happens to everyone.

Perhaps a small child, or an elderly loved one is locked inside and requires immediate attention? You stepped outside to throw the garbage or get the paper, but the door shuts behind you, or you simply forgot to bring your key, you shut the door, only to realize you locked yourself outside.The first thing you need to do is not to panic, then grab your phone and call (718)260-6466.

Why Choose Us?
URGENT LOCKSMITH provides residential locksmith services you can depend on, day or night.
Our locksmith technicians are licensed, fully trained, and have the wide technical know-how to assist you and give your family and your valuable home possessions the protection they need.

We don’t just unlock normal locks, we offer a full range of residential locksmith services to obtain the security you want for your home and your family.
We repair or replace locks, duplicate keys, and replace broken or lost keys.
We also provide locksmith services like rekeying house locks, installation of doorknobs and deadbolts and installation of patio door locks.
If your mailbox’s lock needs replacing, we can do that for you for an affordable price.

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