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Property Eviction Locksmith Service


URGENT LOCKSMITH - Property Eviction Locksmith Service

There are times when you just can not trust the previous tenant to be responsible, or even civil. Evicted tenants are often angry and vindictive, even when evicted for good reason, so it always best for the land owner or building manager to hire a good eviction locksmith service to change the locks to be sure that the previous tenant will not have access.

Expect Efficiency and Skill for Property Eviction Locksmith Service

As you complete the eviction process, you need to pay attention to the locks on your property. There is always the chance that your tenants made extra keys. Those keys could fall into the hands of people who should never be on your property. When you want an added level of security for your rental property, bring in our team of locksmiths after an eviction.

How tenants can use a locksmith prior to a legal eviction:

  • Landlords may not lock tenants out of their home. Exceptions to this rule exist when there is a legal Court Order for eviction, if the home has been abandoned, or if rent has not been paid. When rental doors are newly locked, boarded over, or removed, call local law enforcement instantly. If satisfaction is not found through law enforcement, call an attorney or free legal service to get a quick Emergency Reentry Order or/and Restraining Order.


  • A locksmith may help a tenant to reenter their rental home if a Court sanctioned Emergency Reentry Order exists.


  • A locksmith may install security devices for a tenant at all times if the rental agreement or lease does not prevent these actions.


  • A locksmith can make new keys for vehicles to aide in moving.


  • A locksmith can open locks on mailboxes, safes, garages, or storage areas if keys are unavailable.

How landlords can use a locksmith for legal evictions:

  • When a landlord has an Order for the Sheriff to evict a renter, a locksmith should be called to arrive at the same time as the Sheriff. Locksmiths can open doors without damage if the renter becomes uncooperative.


  • Landlords will need to replace or change all locks that the tenant came in contact with during their stay. Your locksmith can explain security options, price-ranges, and the latest security measures available after the tenant has been removed.


  • Landlords will want to consider changing locks, security cards, or settings on doors, intercom systems, office filing cabinets or safes, sprinkler systems, garages, storage areas, gates, mailboxes, and on all other secured items or locations on the property. Evictions create bad feelings; retaliation break-ins are possible in some situations.

Common reasons to evict a tenant:

  • If the tenant refuses to pay rent on time or pay rent at all, you simply cannot afford to have the tenant stay any longer. It might be a good idea to serve notices to the tenant and save a copy that will allow you to show the court that the tenant had been warned several times.

  • Minor damage, chipped paint and regular wear and tear are fine. But if you find that the tenant has been grossly destructive with your property, perhaps, by demolishing a wall completely, then eviction remains the only option.

  • One of the most common reasons for evictions is violation of lease or the agreement. Some owners strictly prohibit smoking or pets in the property, but a few tenants might later breach the contract. Others might use the place for illegal purposes such as selling drugs or converting it into a club etc.




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