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Avoid Being Overcharged by a Locksmith

You see the ads that read "19 Dollar Locksmith" and "$15 Service Charge Locksmith" but don't be fooled! Many unethical locksmiths use the bait and switch con to get your call. You see the ad on your smart phone that says $15 locksmith......wrong! You are being lured into a web by unethical people that are counting on your desperation and on you trying to be frugal with your hard-earned cash. When they show up they change the price. By how much you ask? Usually about 400 to 500 percent! So that $15 phone quote turns into $150 instantly! Not only are the unethical locksmiths counting on your desperation and trust....sometimes they actually bully customers into paying by not giving you your keys until you have paid them! An ethical and professional locksmith that wants your repeat business will give you an accurate quote on the phone. Reputable locksmiths need your repeat business and want to provide good prices and great customer service. Call around and find a local locksmith company that is registered with your local Chamber of Commerce or that is a member of a Professional Locksmith organization. Ask their prices, hours, and most of all ask about their business and professional licensing. The best locksmith is one who cares about your concerns and wants to help. Avoid being scammed by finding a reputable locksmith that has good references and who is licensed and insured.

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